An interview with Karin Åkesson

Karin Åkesson is a Swedish-born illustrator and designer and has been a seller with us since 2010. In that time, her distinct style and charming range of homeware has gone from strength to strength. We asked her a few questions about her products, her business and her own home style.

What inspired you to create your business?
The inspiration for my products comes from making things I like to have in my own home. My designs focus on the sunny things in life; things that are personal to me but resonate with many people.

Describe your product range and what makes it unique.
My collection is built on simplicity, humour and love. My designs are influenced by my Swedish heritage, paired with a love of meaningful sayings, expressions and memories.

What is your best selling  product?
The Personalised Friendship Bird print is very popular, customers really like the fact they can add their own personal message to the print to make a gift even more special. Another top seller is the ‘It was on sale’ canvas tote bag featuring the top 10 shopping excuses – a perfect gift for anyone who likes to shop!

Personalised Friendship Bird Print by KARIN ÅKESSON

Personalised Friendship Bird Print by Karin Åkesson

Where did you start your company and where do you work now?
I started out working from home and I still do now – living in London, you get used to having limited space and you find ways around it. I love working from home but we have now outgrown the space and we are in the process of buying a house with a bigger studio. I am very excited about having a storage area for my stock and to have my wardrobe back for my own clothes!

What kind of support have you received along the way?
Until last year, it was just me working on my own, although I occasionally bribed friends and family to help pack up orders during busy times. In 2012, we took a big step and my husband David joined the company on a full-time basis. With his support I can now focus more time on developing new products – sharing the workload has been the best decision for both the business and our family life.

What’s the biggest hurdle you’ve had to overcome in running your business?
Getting through the initial start-up period for any new business is always a big hurdle. I overcame this by developing my product range alongside my regular illustration work. My product range grew and my sales increased after two years, meaning I was able to focus on the business on a full-time basis.

'Me & You' Pillowcase by KARIN ÅKESSON

‘Me & You’ Pillowcase by Karin Åkesson

Where do you live?
We live in a Victorian flat with lots of character and I use our home as a stage for all the product shoots we do. I read somewhere that a home with personal photographs is a happy home and I like that idea. I always want it to feel homely and personal and a comfortable sofa is very important! It’s filled with things that we care about and bits of furniture – old and new – that we have collected over the years. I have quite a few of my own prints on the wall – when I make a new print I like to live with it and try it out at home.

What are the benefits of being a designer-maker?
There are so many benefits to being a designer-maker! It is a lovely feeling to come up with a new idea, to get positive feedback from happy customers and to spread my work into their homes. I have the freedom to explore and work on my own ideas and am incredibly lucky to be in control of my own future.

Do you have a good work/life balance?
I’d like to think we have found a really good work/life balance, but the workload does vary greatly depending on the time of year – the month leading up to Christmas is always the most demanding, so if you come back and ask me then you will definitely get a different answer! Christmas is also the most exciting time of the year, so much of the work we do across the rest of the year goes into making the holiday season a success – the excitement at seeing the business grow definitely compensates for all the hard work.

'Laughter Is The Best Medicine' Print by KARIN ÅKESSON

‘Laughter Is The Best Medicine’ Print by Karin Åkesson

Has had a positive impact on your business? has provided a fantastic platform for me to showcase and develop my work. The sales success I’ve had has inspired me and given me the confidence to push and grow my company far beyond my expectations. I have been very lucky to be featured in a range of marketing campaigns and they have given me amazing support in various areas to help me grow my business.

What are you lusting after on this month?
As we’re moving into a new house, I am obsessed with getting news bits for our home. I’m especially excited about getting a new office space and I’m on the hunt for a new lamp and some clever storage. I really like the Scandinavian style Basic Desk Lamp sold by Idyll Home.

What are your ambitions for your company in the future?
My mission for the future is to continue to expand my range of household products and to share it with the world. I have one of my bird prints above my desk with a message saying “Tomorrow something wonderful will happen”, and I like to think that’s true!

'Something Wonderful Will Happen' Print by KARIN ÅKESSON

‘Something Wonderful Will Happen’ Print by Karin Åkesson

See Karin’s full range of products here.

  • Comment by Carin

    Hi there,

    Lovely to hear about a fellow Swede doing well in the world of NOTHS! :) I hope my own range will follow in your footsteps of success, well done you!

    Carin Lindberg
    Camali Design

  • Comment by Kate

    Hi Karin, firstly let me say i love your product range, it has such a wonderfully organic feel, i look at your product range and it makes me feel good.

    I recently purchased the “tomorrow will be a great day” pillow slips, which i love but having placed them on my bed, the affirmation is very difficult to read. It may be your intent to use subtle imagery but have you considered positioning marginally higher on pillow slip or enlarging slightly. For me i bought the purchases so i could see the affirmation to make me smile and it is quite lost.

    This is supposed to be positive feedback, no means is it intended to slur your wonderful range, just food for thought comments from a customer who appreciates nice things that make her feel good.

    Good luck with your business Kate :)

  • Comment by Kirsty Hartley

    Hi Karin,
    What an inspiring write up ,and great products. The very best to you. x

  • Comment by Iris Griggs

    Hi Karin & Family
    I am the lady who comes every year from Clacton-on-Sea just before Christmas to purchase one of your beautiful unusual Christmas cards for my brother in Australia. I need to be able to post this at the very beginning of December 2013.
    Due to my slight disability this year I may not be able to travel to London but would love to see what Christmas cards you will have so that I can perhaps purchase through the post.
    I would appreciate an email to help me with this please.
    Best Regards
    Iris 8th September 2013

  • Comment by Sarah Gilsenan

    Hi Karin
    Reading your write up has given me some inspiration to start my own business! I have been thinking about it for such a long time and just reading this has made me believe that perhaps I should give it a go! So, thank you very much and may your business go from strength to strength.

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