an interview with Door 77…

Our most recent partner interview comes from new-comers Door 77, who joined us in January. It’s run by sisters Caroline and Samantha, who took the plunge and started their own business last year and specialise in making personalised cards, cushions and gifts by hand. We asked them to answer some questions about themselves, their products and starting out on their own.

What first inspired you to start your own business?
We’ve always loved being creative, coming up with ideas and designing things. We both had office jobs in London, were sick of the tube everyday and just wanted to work at something we have a passion for.

How did you get started?
We had ideas in our head that we desperately wanted to make into a reality, so we bought a load of fabric, got sewing and made our first cushions. We loved it and haven’t stopped since!

Do you remember your first ever order?
Yes, it wasn’t that long ago! Caroline was at work in London and Sam was at home, we saw the message saying we had an order, called each other and screamed! Then we decided it must be testing our products, but after the 10th order that day we realised it wasn’t and it was amazing!

What inspires you to keep growing and developing your business?
The idea that people like what we do. That they want one of our cushions to decorate their home or want to give a card with the words we came up with to a loved one. We see it as a big compliment and it’s so rewarding. We constantly have new ideas popping into our heads, so the development of the business just feels like a natural progression and we will move and evolve as outside influences inspire us.

What advice would you give someone hoping to start and/or grow their own business?
Think very carefully about your product range and target market. Don’t try to do too much too soon, focus on your area of expertise and capitalise on that, you can build around that later.

What is your favourite/bestselling product?
At the moment our favourite products are the stamped cushions, they’re great for adults and children and can be personalised so you get a really special and unique product every time. We’ve not seen anything like them anywhere else and we’re especially proud of them! We’re also developing some beautiful Moroccan inspired picnic blankets and we have a feeling they may well take our top spot soon!