an illustrated life…

We always love learning about our new sellers, but we’re particularly excited about one of our recent additions, Illustrated Life. Selling a range of beautiful cards and prints adorned with hand-drawn illustrations, Illustrated Life is a one-man-band seller run by budding illustrator Emma Cowlam.

Emma studied textile design at Chelsea School of Art, before moving to New York to complete an internship. It was here that she developed her passion for illustration; “I have always been fascinated by figurative images and images of people doing things. I was so inspired just by being in New York, I was always out and about drawing in my sketchbooks and taking photos”. And so the idea of Illustrated Life was born, an outlet for Emma to create and sell her beautiful designs. Our favourite product from her range is the illustrated greetings cards. Each one is individually hand-drawn and sold at a bargain price of £4 each for an original piece of artwork.

Emma’s work has recently be featured in the Swedish edition of Elle magazine (pictured above), and is soon to be seen in the April issue of LivingEtc. We’re excited to see her business go from strength to strength over the coming months!