Alphabet Wall Cards by More Than Words

The last few years have seen an explosion in the popularity of typography in interior design. Cushions emblazoned with slogans, text-based wall stickers and wooden letter decorations are just some of the ways in which you can bring special words and initials into your home.

These Alphabet Wall Cards by More Than Words are one of our favourite new typography products. They’re low-cost and low-commitment (ie you can remove them easily if you change what you want to say, or move house), yet can be used in a range of interesting ways. Create an eclectic wall feature by mixing these cards with picture frames and images for a new take on the popular photo wall idea. Or, use coloured washi tape (another of our current obsessions) to attach the lettering to the wall, spelling out words or names. Outside the home, they can even be used as postcards or notes. For those who are getting married, you could use the cards as personalised place settings for your guests. The cards can be purchased as a full set of 30 (which includes some punctuation) or in bespoke sets of 10, where you can choose what letters you get.

Here are just a few of our favourite ways to use these versatile alphabet cards in your home:

This a trend that should work for you, whatever your taste. The font and style can be varied to suit interiors from vintage to modern, minimal to eclectic. Below is a selection of some other ways to embrace the typographic trend:


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Chevron Ampersand Giclee Print by More Than Words

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