Alex: 323 days to go

The next step of our planning started with me trying on wedding dresses. My first experience was at a local wedding shop in Nottingham, I just strolled in and asked if I could try some dresses on. The reality hits you when you think ‘Oh my, where do I even begin?’.

Before I realised what was happening, the lady who had been asking me a million questions, was in the changing room with me. I had no clothes on, and any level of privacy was now completely gone. So, take my advice future brides and make sure you put on your favourite underwear that morning.

My maid of honour (and best friend since age six) had been looking at dresses for me, and found one that I absolutely loved. As it turned out, the dress would have to have been made in China —unless I could find a dress maker closer to home. If I’m honest, I didn’t want to take such a big risk. This dress is the most important dress I am ever going to wear. On the bright side, I do now have a good starting point, and an idea of what sort of dress I’m looking for.

My maid of honour also very sweetly sent me a wedding planner. Not only is it a fabulous keepsake, but a safe haven for all my ideas — it keeps all my wedding details in one place. I’ve already jotted down lots of websites and blogs to return to.

After this, I decided to go dress shopping with my mum. We went to two shops in my hometown, Hull. I tried on at least ten dresses, and accidentally elbowed one poor woman in the face whilst having a massive meringue placed over my head. I also tried on a Kate Middleton wedding dress double which was stunning, but perhaps not the one. It’s fair to say you do start to get a feel for what you like.

Wedding dress shopping is pretty fun and even though I think I know which one I’m going to get, I may well go and try on some more. It’s funny because what surprised me is that what you think you may want can change, or not even suit you when you try it on. The craziest part for me was seeing myself in a bridal gown for the first time. It’s pretty surreal! The most important part for me though is to have fun and not worry too much if I don’t find something that is completely perfect. As long as you feel beautiful in it and it suits you then that’s what matters.

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