a very happy Harry

I love planning Harry’s birthdays, even though it almost becomes a second job for a while! It is all worth it to see the big smiles on the day. We always have a theme and this year it was Knights and Princesses – perfect for boys AND girls! Yummy food was a must – pizzas, chocolate letters and brilliant cupcakes were created especially for the theme.

All Harry wanted for presents were power rangers and anything involving destruction – so disappointing when all I wanted to give him were authentic gifts like the gorgeous Wigwam from when I was a kid! And my great idea to give the boys foam swords and tiaras for the girls backfired slightly – suddenly the cute innocent children began a mass brawl with foam swords flying – I never realised how much a foam sword could hurt!

But on the way home, seeing a red-faced and exhausted Harry flopped in the back of the car, eating cake, surrounded by balloons, trying so hard to keep his eyes open, made me a very pleased mum indeed. Now I’ve got to start thinking of an even better idea for next year…

  • I am with you on this one! I love planning parties too, although my children’s’ birthdays all fall within 10 weeks of each other so it becomes rather a military operation…

    I have a Ballet Party planned for my soon to be 5 year old daughter at the end of March, an Easter Party for my to be 8 year old daughter at the beginning of April, and a Pirates Party for my twin boys, to be 3 at the end of May. Phew!

    So all my spare time, when not developing new products and fulfilling orders for my notonthehighstreet shop, is currently being spent buying eye-patches, Easter chicks and ballerina accessories…… The only thing is, as a creative arty person I love to make everything myself! I have so far made bunting, hand-printed invitations an painted egg-cartons for the Easter egg hunt. And that’s just the start! I think for their next birthdays I will start planning in June, as soon as the parties are over! Either that, or take them all to the cinema instead…..

  • ahhhh, cup cakes – over the past couple of years I have seen an ever increasing number of weddings that have cupcakes rather than one big cake. Then last weekend my wife said to me (its our daughters first birthday in 9 weeks) that she (we) has decided that we are going to do cup cakes this year rather thank the standard first birthday cake. Nikki (my wife) is busy planning the party as I type so I have just sent her this link over – its funny how things change over time and how popular cup cakes are now becoming again !

    When I was a kid I used to make them with my mum and love it because I got to lick the bowl – we used to make fairy cakes where you cut the top off and then turned it into wings. Its something Nikki does with our two although Soukie is too young, JD (Joshua David) loves making cakes for the same reason I did :-)

    I think too many people now use the TV as a babysitter and buy junk food as it saves having to make a mess and make them yourself but the kids LOVE it to bits.

    thanks for bringing back some happy memories


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