a soft spot for Laura Creer

Our lovely partner productions manager, Jenny, has a soft spot for one of our new sellers. Laura Creer, who joined us in January, is an extremely talented jewellery designer, and has a studio in Yorkshire where she hand-makes every piece from her beautiful collection.

Her silver and gold jewellery is handmade using a range of contemporary and traditional jewellery making techniques. The main two techniques that are used are reticulation and fusing. These are heat manipulating processes that melt the surface of the silver, creating ‘foil-like’ patterns. The results are unique to each piece, making each one truly original.

After months of admiration, Jenny recently treated herself to two items from Laura’s collection – the silver and gold petal necklace and matching ring, pictured above. She is thrilled with her purchases, and is yet to be seen without them.

View Laura’s full collection here.