a ruffle of feathers

Today is actually my birthday. I must say I’ve felt very spoilt coming into a decorated birthday desk, lovely home-made cakes courtesy of Fran, along with cards, presents and even my favourite (but very naughty) breakfast; a cheese twist! However one beautiful gift in particular that lay waiting for me this morning, has actually inspired this post. See… I’m not just going to be bragging about my birthday!

Jo, in our Weddings Teamm, very kindly gave me the Golden Feather Bracelet, sold by Maria Allen Jewellery on the site and I absolutely love it! It is now adorning my wrist and goes perfectly with the other gold and silver bracelets that I never take off (including my Betsy’s Silver Charm Bracelet which I got from the company last year!). The bracelet is quite an apt gift considering Wednesday’s offering, ‘love birds’, which was all about our feathery friends so it ties in rather nicely.

As well as my bracelet, I had noticed that a few of our sellers have some lovely feather-inspired jewellery pieces, which are definitely worth shouting about! So consider this me shouting (well it is my birthday and I can shout if I want to!).

First up is the Gold Feather Necklace (that matches my bracelet), it’s a cool statement piece but isn’t too chunky. I think it would be a nice touch to change into for evening celebrations. I also love the Gia Feather Necklace which is a more delicate option and comes in both gold and silver. Another great find is the 18k Gold Feather and Pearl Necklace. It mixes gold and silver feathers with a little pearl charm; basically incorporating all of my favourite jewellery things, on one charming chain!

Other lovely pieces include the Gold or Silver Peacock Feather Earrings. A lovely thing about these is you have a choice of stone detail. This makes them perfect for your own styling, but also great for matching with bridesmaids dresses and as thank you gifts; enabling you to buy the same gift but choose different colours depending on individual tastes. The World Feather Earrings, are also a great choice. They have an ethnic charm and look slightly like pieces of a puzzle, rather than overtly like feathers. This style of drop earring would look great on a bride who is wearing their hair down, as they would drop down nicely to entwine amongst flowing locks.

Of course we can’t leave the grooms out and there are a couple of lovely options in the form of cufflinks! My favourites are the Sterling Silver Feather Cufflinks, which are a ‘cut-out’ style and quite intricately detailed. For a slightly chunkier style and for a feather design with a twist, the Feather Imprint Silver Cufflinks are a splendid choice.

  • Comment by Jess

    Happy birthday Nell!

  • Comment by Hayley (Ruby Wren)

    Happy Birthday Nell! I spy one of my Ruby Wren cards on your desk! ;) Hope you had a fab Birthday and got spoilt by the rest of the office! x

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