a proposal in paradise…

What better way to ease ourselves into Monday morning and the week ahead, than with a very lovely, very funny and very romantic proposal story. After hearing how Donna, our Head of Operations, got engaged, we asked her if she could share it with everyone and I’m delighted to say that she obliged.

Last week Italy, this week the Maldives! Please forgive us for any holiday/sun/wedding envy we may have evoked…

Dominic had just started his new job and as a treat to celebrate (and spend some of his hard earned cash), he took me to the Maldives.  The Island was small and beautiful with almost white sand, aquamarine blue sea and tropical palms – it was paradise. We arrived on the 15 December and the weather should have been lovely but it rained for two whole days and I don’t mean a light drizzle, I mean a tropical torrential downpour. 

There was very little to do in wet weather so a couple of days in I headed down (alone) to the spa for a day of beauty treatments.  It was so beautiful and I think I had just about every treatment possible from head to toe. 

Feeling completely relaxed and almost asleep I went to meet Dominic back at our room.  Surprisingly, as I stepped outside Dominic was there to meet me with an umbrella which was incredibly thoughtful, but then I noticed his almost grey complexion! He wouldn’t make eye contact and said he needed to talk to me.  Quickly grabbing my hand (and I mean grabbing, like when you’re being yanked away from yet another pair of very expensive shoes that you just-don’t-need–to-buy-my-love), he frog-marched me back to the room.

It was a short walk but I was convinced someone in the family had died, and it had to be a very close direct relation as he wasn’t saying a thing at all.  I remember thinking this is bad news, really bad news.When we got back to the room and I was curtly instructed to sit down. By this stage I was almost in tears – was it Mum, Dad, Simon, Peter, Vince that had passed away? 

Then the strangest thing happened which completely changed my mood.  As Dominic sat next to me he grabbed my hands and for the first time looked in to my eyes as he said, ‘you know that I love you’.  OH MY GOD I thought, he’s cheated and he’s decided to tell me now! I could feel the rage building inside me, he was most definitely going to get a piece of my mind and then he said, ‘and I want to spend the rest of my life with you, will you marry me?’. 

So that stopped me in my tracks. 

I didn’t know what to say as this was a scenario I hadn’t prepared myself for.  Dominic had been married before which led me to make the assumption that he would probably never want to get married again.  With this in mind the only words my brain was able to string together was, ‘are you sure this is what you want?’.  

It wasn’t a good response I know, I’ve been told since many times but I wasn’t really expecting the look of astonishment, surprise and disgust on his face, ‘what?’ he said, ‘I’ve got a ring and everything!’  With that he disappeared off round the corner and brought out an odd looking box that he had used to disguise the ring and a bottle of bubbly.

By this stage I was emotional and had to be reminded that I hadn’t actually accepted his proposal of marriage, which I promptly did.

That evening we had a beautiful engagement meal together…

And then the sun came out.

And the following evening we went for a walk along the sand dunes. From my point of view we stumbled across a romantic message written in the sand, which I though must have been the imprint of a couple who had gone ahead of us. I said, ‘oh look what someone’s done, how sweet is that?’, to which Dominic replied, ‘I know! It was me!’…

And then we lived happily ever after….

Thank you so much to Donna and Dominic for sharing their beautiful engagement story with us. The photos really bring it to life, it both sounded and looks idyllic. They’ve also promised to share their wedding story with us too and we are looking forward to posting that in the next few weeks.

We’ll be sharing more real wedding and engagement stories on the blog this week, so stay tuned!

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