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Today we share the lovely engagement story of Coulson Macleod, one of our lovely sellers, who specialise in handmade typography and illustrative art prints.

Our story starts at the end of 2007. Mark and I met via Match.com. Our paths would never have crossed in the real world. Actually Mark wasn’t sure that we’d be a good match at all. Thank goodness he decided to meet up as we’ve been inseparable ever since. It turned out that we were perfect together and so began our simple little love story.

In 2009 we launched our art business Coulson Macleod – a blend of our surnames and our skills. Love, in our case, has even been profitable. Early on in our relationship Mark wrote a piece about love and it is now one of our best-selling prints. We also have brides asking us if they can use the wording of ‘What Is Love?’ at their weddings.  How lovely is that?

'What Is Love?' Oak-Framed Word Art by Coulson Macleod

How did you get engaged?

I’d already asked Mark a million times to marry me. In fact whenever I’d had one too many glasses of wine I’d ask. We both knew from day one that we were going to be together. Mark finally popped the question (well in true Coulson Macleod style he didn’t speak, but wrote the question inside a tiny book, which he’d placed inside a ring box) on Christmas Day 2010: A perfect proposal in front of our three children and my parents.

Is there a theme/style for your wedding?

We don’t like anything to be too stylised, so no we’re not having a theme. The only thing we’re truly concerned about is that our guests have a fun and relaxed time with lots of food and drink. We’ve eliminated as many of the ‘boring’ bits as possible: No formal photography, no line-ups, and no speeches.

Are there any key styling items?

In keeping with our simple style we’ve opted for white and green flowers with foliage, including lots of lovely-smelling herbs in recycled tin cans. We’ve been saving all our baked bean tins! We used recycled cardboard for our Save The Date cards and invitations, which we obviously designed ourselves, hand-stamping the wording.

We’re getting married at Dodmoor House a gorgeous barn setting. We’re using giant, white, round helium balloons to fill the space as the ceilings are obviously very high. Gardening twine, hessian, and recycled cardboard will also feature. Although we’re not hanging any Coulson Macleod prints (we want a day off from seeing our work), the whole style of the day is very Coulson Macleod – after all we ARE the business.

Is your wedding turning out as you dreamt it would be?

Absolutely! We’ve planned every aspect of it together. We work together every day and are obviously good at throwing around ideas and coming to an agreement. We fell instantly in love with the venue and didn’t see the need to look around anywhere else.  I found my wedding dress in the first shop I went too. I went on my own, then I took Mark and then my parents. I only met one florist too, Emily from Manic Botanic. We were on the same wave-length and she gets us, which is good.

We also found our caterers pretty easily too. We always wanted it to be like eating at Jamie’s Italian restaurant – with lots of shared plates to pass around, and someone recommended Delizioso. We went for a tasting and were blown away. Great food is very important to us. For instance for one of my birthdays, Mark took me to Heston’s Fat Duck.

Do you have any planning tips for other couples-to-be?

Enjoy every bit of the planning otherwise your one big day will be over before you know it. And keep it light-hearted. After all it’s a celebration you’re planning. If you’re both involved you’ll both appreciate the day all the more. And of course, when you have crazy ideas, your other half can calm you down and make you see sense!

'Love Makes The Ride Worthwhile' Word Art by Coulson Macleod

Thank you so much to Hannah and Mark for sharing their lovely engagement story. We love their artwork and think they make great products to add to your wedding gift list. To view their full collection click HERE.

  • I’ve been a coulson macleod fan since I first stumbled upon a piece of their work somewhere in cyberspace and I wish them much luck, love and happiness in their future together.

    One piece of advice I always give to my soon-to-be wed couples: a little tip for their big day (and for anyone else’s, for that matter); every so often just stop, take a look around you and commit it all to memory – the sounds, the smells, the atmosphere; the sheer “feel” of it all … those mental snapshots really do stay with you forever xxx

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