A man’s guide to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and though it is a time for romance, love and proposals, it’s also make-or-break time for all of us. Men, I know you’ll be panicking about how to find the perfect gift for her (or you won’t have even thought about it – working at notonthehighstreet.com means that that’s a luxury I don’t have). Ladies, I understand that you want it to be perfect.

That’s where I come in. I shall now help both the male and female readers of this blog by giving you some Valentine’s gift ideas that your other half is bound to appreciate. Think of me as an ageing cupid who has given up the arrows and fluttering in favour of a mouse and a sense of originality. So here goes then.

For the man in your life

'The Bacon To My Sarnie' Wooden Cufflinks by Wue

'The Bacon To My Sarnie' Wooden Cufflinks by Wue

We’re big fans of this product round our way. Well, I’m a big fan of bacon anyway. If something makes me think of bacon, it makes me happy. Ladies, you can associate yourself with this sense of delicious bliss by presenting these to any man who has to don a pressed shirt on a regular basis. Bacon. Mmm…

Personalised Playlist Cassette Print by Betsy Benn

Personalised Playlist Cassette Print by Betsy Benn

If your man is a bit of a music-lover, he’ll appreciate this. Mix-tapes and cassette decks may be a thing of the past, but we associate them with the sounds of our younger days. Associate yourself and your relationship with those carefree times (that’s your actual psychology, that is) and take a stroll through his song collection too. You might even get a laugh out of it when you discover something really embarrassing in his playlists.

Personalised Wooden Iphone Cover by Sophia Victoria Joy

Personalised Wooden Cover For Iphone by Sophia Victoria Joy

If he needs a new case or cover for his phone, this will make a great gift for him. It’s unusual, original and can be personalised with all the things he loves, likes and adores. Like your name. That’s even more psychology for you. Associate yourself with everything he loves. That’s the key.

For the woman in your life

Right, chaps. This is where you show how brilliantly romantic and fantastically caring you are. This is where you earn your stripes in the Valentine’s dept. Now, I could wax lyrical about what I think I’d want if I was a woman, but I’m not one, so I won’t. Instead, I’ve canvassed some of the bright, intelligent and tasteful ladies in the office to find out what they’d want and why. Here are three ideas for you:

Love Message In A Bottle by Little White Dog

“When I was younger (and still a little bit now) I was a tad obsessed with the notion of finding a message in a bottle on the beach from some pirates, or some other lost soul who’d decided to write one. So this is a perfect, nostalgic and fun gift that I would love my boyfriend to buy me. You can have your own message (up to 40 words) printed onto the ribbon inside the bottle to make this a truly personal present.” Lauren, pirate-hunter extraordinaire, from our marketing team.

Giant Heart Balloon by Pearl and Earl

Winter Forest Bangle by Marie Walshe Jewellery

“Because who wouldn’t rather receive a helium balloon than roses… and then there’s the hours (minutes) of fun to be had breathing said helium in and reciting the balcony scene from Romeo and Juliet (to be honest, I usually go for Hamlet’s “to be or not to be” speech, but I thought that Romeo and Juliet would be more apt for this occasion).” Cora, our literature-savvy Merchandising Catalogue Executive.

Winter Forest Bangle by Marie Walshe Jewellery
“Receiving one of these would satisfy my inner hippy whilst also being very chic. I like the forest.” Short and sweet from Lucy, Head of Community.

So there you are, men. Ideas. Not just chocolates and flowers (though those are still good – we’ve got plenty to choose from), but interesting, intelligent and eclectic ideas. Don’t say I never give you anything. Not that you probably would. But in case you did, you’d be wrong. Anyway, I hope the ideas help and get you inspired. Remember to tailor things to their sense of style and sense of humour – make it personal to them. And here’s hoping that the gentlemen who ought to be buying gifts for Lauren, Cora and Lucy get it right too. Good luck!

Pictured top: Handmade ‘You’ll Love It!’ Wrapping Paper by Indigoelephant.

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