A Letter From
Mr. Cairns

On what had been a very usual Tuesday afternoon at notonthehighstreet.com HQ, having consumed copious amounts of tea and more sweets than you could shake a stick at, we received a most extraordinary letter from a one Mr. Cairns.

As an online marketplace, we are more apt to dealing with e-mails and other forms of digital communications, than a letter. As you might expect, it put us on the spot somewhat. Much to our surprise, the envelope also contained 1500 Hellbank Notes, one Miracle Telling Fish and seven Active Kids Vouchers. As it turns out, it was much more than a letter; it was an order for a Cast Iron Sundial.

We thought it only right, in this instance, to respond in full to Mr. Cairns, after his kind and well thought out letter.

We thank Mr. Cairns for the merriment his letter caused in the office, and assure him his sundial will be with him soon.


  • Comment by Ian Freeman

    Brilliant response and well done for sending him the sundial. Great PR opportunity – the story deserves to go wider.

  • Comment by Jodie Bond

    I love a bit of daft. Great post and so glad he got his sundial! X

  • Comment by milly and pip

    Ha ha. Brilliant!

  • Comment by Hearth and Heritage

    Well done NOTHS for entering into the spirit of it.

  • Comment by Peony and Thistle

    I like the sound of this Mr Cairns! I hope he enjoys lots of sunshine so that he can fully appreciate his sundial!

  • Comment by Chief Ted

    Good for you NOTHS – you did a brill thing – its nice to see that you are not stuck in total commercialism and can think out of the box :0)

  • Comment by ally moore

    Nice one NOTHS. You are fabulous :)

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