A Day In The Life: A notonthehighstreet.com Merchandiser

When applying for a job, it can be difficult knowing exactly what the role entails. To make things a little easier, we’ve asked one of our merchandisers, Cora Norrey, to give us an insight into what it’s like working in notonthehighstreet.com’s commercial team. 

My days are spent pretty much glued to any number of spreadsheets! I love poring over numbers and figuring out what it is that they can tell me.

I start every day by running through my emails – our sellers send through all their new product ideas and I save these up for the mornings. It’s great to take time to look through them all. I’ll then spend some time with the category executive going through the weekly forecasting numbers and preparing a reactive plan for the day and week ahead depending on how our product categories are tracking vs target. After dealing with that, my day can be a variety of tasks. Essentially, a large part of my role boils down to getting promotion for products within the product categories that I look after (Baby & Child, Food & Drink, and Stationery).

Every week I set aside time to work out plans for lobbying for homepage features for products or collections, email product inclusion, social media promotion and many other areas.

I also look after everything that is featured on the category specific landing pages. Key parts of our merchandised offering are the main module curated spaces on these landing pages. As merchandiser, I work on creating a monthly plan for these curated areas, including what the themes and collections will be based around. The concepts for these collections will come from looking at all the data available to us together with analysis of the wider market and knowledge of upcoming events, amongst other things. I then pull together product for them and monitor their success (hopefully!) while they are live on the site.

Reviewing our current offering and pinpointing areas for growth and development is also key to my day to day role. Once a month I’ll pull this all together in a range review which is then communicated to the rest of the team (made up of the category manager, account manager, account executive and new business executive). This information is then either communicated to existing sellers to help them develop new products for the site or can be used to influence the choices of the new business team when looking for new sellers.

Being a merchandiser within notonthehighstreet.com can be very different to your average merchandiser role. The data that we have to work with is different by virtue of us being a marketplace, and this affects almost everything I do. It means that my role could almost be described as a split between merchandising, buying, trends and data analysis, but that’s why I love it so much – there’s a breadth and scope to my responsibilities that I just wouldn’t get anywhere else.

Every day is massively varied and it can often feel as though I am juggling a million balls at once or, as I heard someone say, that there are too many tabs open in the browser that is my brain! However, that’s also why I like the role so much. It’s varied – there are so many ways to look at data, so many existing opportunities and even more to develop, and notonthehighstreet.com is evolving and changing every day.


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