a Blue Peter moment


We always had it in mind that we wanted to make our own invitations. It was really important to us that they set the scene for the day and we spent a lot of time looking at blogs and Google images, absorbing all the beautiful details of other weddings and working out how we wanted our own day to be. The weddings with a DIY element stood out to us and the design for our invitations came from lots of different ideas muddled together.

It was definitely a much bigger task than we initially realised and we had a few hairy moments in the production line (one involving a large glass of wine and about half the invitations!) But we’re really happy we did it and, actually, the team work was probably very good training for married life!

Stamping… oh so much stamping… we got ours from Billet Doux (apart from the London Skyline – we found that online from a shop in Las Vegas!)

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