9th December: Meet Jason

Keeping the business going is a bit like doing maintenance on all of these camper vans

Today’s Advent countdown is brought to you by Jason, who’s in charge of lots and lots of things here at HQ. The campervan number nine is a special edition of Wink Design’s Camper Van Graphic Print, just one sample of their fun, colourful collection.

What do you do? I’m Chief Operating Officer and I do a lot of different things badly*, but mostly try to keep all the wheels turning across the business.

Favourite Christmas food? I have a sweet tooth and a Spanish wife, so the big Christmas treat is Turrón, most simply described as a type of almond and honey nougat.

Favourite Christmas song? I generally hate Christmas songs, despite being a huge music fan. Having said that, I have a soft spot for White Christmas by Bing Crosby – my dad used to always sing it on Christmas morning when we were children.

Favourite Christmas tradition? Walking on the beach in Norfolk on Boxing Day morning with the kids.

Favourite Christmas film? A Bridge Too Far. Not exactly Christmas themed, but it’s a great film with a great cast that they only seem to show at Christmas.

What do you hope Santa will bring you for Christmas? Our business aims for the year by 23rd December. I’ll enjoy Christmas much more if we’ve hit that goal.

*For the record, the rest of us strongly disagree with this statement and think Jason’s just fishing for compliments

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