7 December: Happy wedding day to Leanne and Rory!

This is not Leanne's wedding outfit... or is it?

It’s the opening of door number seven of our Advent calendar, and today we hear the chime of wedding bells as we go all bridal with Leanne Osborne, our Acting Head of Community.

Each day is exciting in the build-up to Christmas, but today is particularly special as Leanne is getting married!

When dishing out our featured products to various nothlings for the calendar shoot, it was only right that our blushing bride Leanne should have the gorgeous Personalised Wedding Dress Hanger by Clouds and Currents. This beautiful hanger has been specially personalised for Leanne, to include the date of her wedding and her new married surname – McEntee!

Leanne has of course snapped-up several wedding-related items from the site, including a Personalised Wedding Post Box by Sophia Victoria Joy.

This unique keepsake has been specially designed for the bride and groom (aka Mr & Mrs McEntee) and is the perfect place for their family and friends to post their cards and wedding wishes.

Traditionally Leanne would be spending Christmas with her family, but on this occasion she will be on her honeymoon in New York City, where on Christmas day she and Rory will be watching the NY Knicks play in Madison Square Gardens. We’re not jealous at all!

About Clouds and Currents

Working from a dinky little studio in Coggeshall, Bridget and her team at Clouds and Currents specialise in hand-crafting delightful items for weddings and the home.

Bridget’s handmade products are designed to be completely customised, and her forte lies in creating bespoke wedding hangers and silver necklaces – completely unique items for a very special occasion, steeped in individuality.

On Christmas morning, Bridget can be found opening stockings with the family – you’re never too old! Later on, Bridget will be hoping to unwrap her most wanted gift of a holiday… fingers crossed that Santa brings you what you want, Bridget!

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