6th December: Meet Cora

She wouldn’t be smiling like this if someone stole her pigs in blankets

This is Cora. She’s our Catalogue Executive Extraordinaire (that’s her official title). Her festive number six is covered in snowflake wrapping paper by Sophia Victoria Joy.

What do you do? I work alongside the rest of the merchandising team planning and populating all our beautiful catalogues with the most lovely products.

Favourite Christmas food? Pigs in blankets… When I help my mum out on Christmas Day, we’re lucky if half of them actually make it to the table.

Favourite Christmas song? Driving Home For Christmas by Chris Rea.

Favourite Christmas tradition? Decorating the Christmas tree. This is a major undertaking in my house and I can spend hours over it. Mr N just leaves me to it now as I can get a little OCD on the positioning of fairy lights!

Favourite Christmas film? The Nightmare Before Christmas. I studied costume design and adore everything that Tim Burton turns his hand to.

What do you want for Christmas?  A miniature pig. Or a puppy. Failing that, I’ve been dropping some serious hints about this Astrid and Miyu bracelet and this Embers ring.


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