60 seconds with Rock N’ Roll Bride

We ask the Rock N’ Roll Bride (aka Kat Williams) to give us her lowdown on alternative wedding gifts and what she predicts will be hot for weddings in 2012…

What makes a wedding gift ‘rock n’ roll’?

As long as the couple pick things that suit them and their personal style! Being rock n’ roll is a state of mind, whatever their personal tastes.

What’s your favourite gift list item from your curated collection?

Ooh it’s really hard to choose! Probably the gorgeous chair but I also love the multi-coloured chandelier!

What are your wedding style trend predictions for 2012?

‘Trends’ aren’t really something I pay attention to because I think all weddings should be a true reflection of the couple and their own personal style – however I do love rainbow weddings!

Wedding dresses – trash or treasure?

A bit of both! I’m not into being wasteful so I think trashing a dress (maybe by shortening or dying it) so you can wear it again and again is a great idea!

What’s the best rock n’ roll honeymoon destination for 2012?

Well this year I’m going to Las Vegas and New York so I’ll have to say those I think!

Thanks Kat! Read her blog here

The gift list ideas…

Multi Coloured Gypsy Chandelier

The Lavandou Armchair

Upcycled Electric Guitar Clock

Butterfly Dressing Table

Black and White 1970s Phone

Upcycled Pinup Vintage Side Plate

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