60 Seconds ( and a bit ) with Diane


What’s your name and your job title?
​Diane Smith, Category Manager Jewellery & Beauty ​

Tell us some of the less ordinary things about you.
I have a fear of fur, which most people find less ordinary. Conversely I am rather obsessed by less ordinary animals such as pygmy hippos, tortoises and manatees.

What did you dream of being when you were growing up and why?
All childhood aspirations revolved around designing, whether it be for fashion, accessories or interiors – but I soon realised I was totally obsessed by retailing rather than designing. Consequently I switched from design to the more commercially focused side of managing product.

What three words might your friends use to sum you up?
Honest (brutally so). Passionate. And most people think of hairspray​, so I guess that needs to make the cut even though it’s clearly not an adjective.

What made you want to work at notonthehighstreet.com in the first place?
The opportunity to work in an ambitious company ​​with a hugely diverse selection of product where I felt I could add value.

What’s different about notonthehighstreet.com to any other place youve worked?
The relationship with our Partners and our focus on helping those businesses thrive. It’s truly inspiring.

What do you most value – and most enjoy – about working here?
​I value the team I have the pleasure of working with. Everybody is truly passionate about working on the category. No matter how much you love your own job, your surrounding team and the wider company ethos has a massive impact on your enjoyment. I greatly appreciate the collaboration and valuable input the wider team provides, it’s important to me to share ideas and knowledge.

Describe one of your best days here.
​It’s hard to pinpoint one particular day, as everyday has great highlights. My role can involve visiting trade fairs, meeting Partners, reviewing new products alongside building our strategic goals for the category, so everyday there is something inspiring. Although chocolate week and chocolate tasting were highlights from a foodie perspective.

And now what we all really want to know if you were a cake what would you be and why?
I don’t usually envisage myself as a cake or any dessert to be honest, but it would need to be something indulgent. I adore banoffee pie or anything with peanut butter as I am addicted to the stuff. ​

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