What’s your name and your job title?
Phu Ly, and I’m Head of User Experience (UX) at notonthehighstreet.com.

What did you dream of being when you were growing up and why?
I found everything interesting growing up, and with every day came a new dream! One day I would want to spend my life as an inventor, the next as an artist.

Tell us something less ordinary thing about you.
I’ve jumped out of a plane, climbed up mountains and down buildings, dived, jumped and tumbled during parkour… but have a fear of heights!

What three words might your friends use to sum you up?
Curious, calm and relaxed.

What made you want to work at notonthehighstreet.com in the first place?
I love what we do and how we do it. I love our products, our sellers and the story behind the business. I would be one of our biggest fans even if I didn’t work here.

What’s different about notonthehighstreet.com to any other place you’ve worked?
I’m lucky enough to have worked for a wide range of companies and with some great teams throughout my career, but what sets notonthehighstreet.com apart is the environment and culture. There is a real sense of ownership and opportunity here and, more importantly, the drive to do things together. Coupled with the “less ordinary” ethos, which speaks right to my heart, it’s a lovely place to be and is always full of personality and togetherness.

What do you most value – and most enjoy – about working here?
The opportunity – there is a strong belief that we can all make a big difference, not just for ourselves but also for all our customers and sellers. We’re helping people find that special unique gift and we’re helping small innovative businesses make a difference!

Describe one of your best days here.
There have been many good days – I think I like some of the less ordinary days that crop up the most. There’s always an occasion to dress up for a themed day, make a cake for a NOTHS style bake off, or meet some of our wonderful sellers at our annual Make, Do & Meet.

However, I do have a soft spot for the bi-monthly hackathons – two days where people have the freedom to work on and work with anyone they like. I love seeing what ideas people have and what people do – always exciting!

And now what we all really want to know – if you were a cake what would you be and why?
A rainbow cake! On the outside, it may look like any other cake but, inside, there are many wonderful layers to enjoy!



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