5th December: Meet Jenny

Jenny loves good clean fun

Jenny (not to be confused with Jen) is our Communications Manager for sellers, working on the support we provide for our seller community. Today’s number five is made by The Write Soap and is a Personalised Gold Coin Christmas Soap, just one of their popular personalised soaps.

Jenny let us know a bit about her Christmas favourites.

What do you do? I get excited about our sellers – sometimes a bit too excited. I put together newsletters, business guides, e-courses and support articles for them, as well as working on community projects such as events and workshops (and Advent calendars).

Favourite Christmas food? Leftovers.

Favourite Christmas song? ‘River’ by Joni Mitchell. (Robert Downey Jr sang it in Ally McBeal and I’m still swooning.)

Favourite Christmas tradition? Decorating the tree with my mum and sister. There are always arguments about how to best position the lights…

Favourite Christmas film? Three-way tie: The Holiday, Elf and White Christmas.

What do you want for Christmas? Snow, hot chocolate and lots of sleep! Failing that, some mittens, notebooks and a fun 2013 calendar.

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