4th December: Meet Jennifer

Jennifer indicates the ideal number of roast potatoes for Christmas Dinner

Regular followers will recognise Jennifer as our Social Media and Online Content Manager. She’s the one who keeps us all inspired and giggling on Twitter and the blog. For her Advent calendar appearance, Jen is holding a Child’s Screen Printed Number Card from Spann & Willis (who also have some really fun Christmas cards).

Jennifer shared some of her Christmas dreams with us…

What do you do? I manage all of our social media channels, which involves posting things on Facebook, writing the content for our blogs and getting overly excited when people in the office eat interesting things that I can tweet about.

Favourite Christmas food? Bread sauce. In the run up to Christmas I normally remind my mum to buy it at least five times.

Favourite Christmas song? Last Christmas by Wham!, thanks to a somewhat unhealthy obsession with George Michael.

Favourite Christmas tradition? When we were little, my older sister and I used to argue over who got to go into the living room first on Christmas morning to see if Father Christmas had been. I cunningly devised a rule that we should go in in age order, starting with the youngest (me). I somehow managed to convince her that this was a fair and unbiased rule and we’ve done it that way ever since.

Favourite Christmas film? Love Actually (closely followed by Elf).

What do you want for Christmas? Lights. I’m a sucker for any kind of fairy light or lamp and I’ve currently got three sets of cotton and cable lights on my wishlist in a variety of different colour combinations. I want to get a set for every room of my house. What I might want for Christmas next year is money towards my electricity bill.

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