3rd December: Meet Kate

Kate managed to shrink today's t-shirt in the wash

Behind the third window on our advent calendar is Kate, our resident Copywriter, with a special edition of frogs+sprogs’ Personalised Birthday T Shirt.

Beatrice from frogs+sprogs kindly provided us with this festive number three t-shirt, which forms part of her range of children’s clothing, blankets and accessories.

What do you do? Most of my day is spent wielding a big, red marker pen – metaphorically, at least. It’s my job to make sure everything we write is done so correctly, relevantly and imaginatively.

Favourite Christmas food? Leftover turkey sandwiches, hands down. I’d quite happily skip the ritual Christmas Dinner and stick to a liquid diet on the big day.

Favourite Christmas song? As much as I don’t want to admit it, it has to be Christmas (Baby Please Come Home) – the Michael Bublé version, not the original Phil Spector classic. No one beats the Bublé.

Favourite Christmas tradition? Drawing straws to work out which one of us gets to put the angel on the Christmas tree, and who has to cower underneath with a face full of needles while Dad tries to make it stand up straight.

Favourite Christmas film? Without a doubt, Home Alone. I learnt many a trick from Kevin McAllister, and many an insult from his brilliantly horrible cousin, Buzz.

What’s on your list for Santa? I’ve sampled so many perfumes over the past few months that I’m starting to worry for the state of my septum, and I still haven’t found one I like; so my biggest Christmas wish is to spend an hour at the specialist perfume shop, Les Senteurs, with a blank cheque to use while I’m there. Please, Father Christmas?

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