3 December: meet Nadine and Newton and the Apple

Can you guess what it says yet?

Today we have Nadine, part of our project management team, holding the wonderful Personalised Your Voice Sound Wave Print by Newton and The Apple. A truly unique gift that allows you to turn any voice or sound in to a brightly coloured personalised soundwave print. This also comes complete with a QR code that will link you directly to the recording. A gift that will certainly please the eyes and ears!

About Nadine

Which Christmas song gets you in the festive spirit?

Oh there are so many good ones! ‘Driving home for Christmas’, I love that one! But ‘White Christmas’ is also very good. And ‘Es ist ein Ros entsprungen’ which is a traditional Christmas song in German is just beautiful!

What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?

Kartoffelsalat and Würstchen (potato salad and wiener) for Christmas eve dinner is the best! Also being allowed to open my present on Christmas eve and not having to wait until Christmas morning is custom in Germany.

And how will you be celebrating this year?

This year I hope to be in Sicily with my sister and my adorable nephews.

And the product that’s made the top of your list to Santa?

I’m desperate for this Personalised Drinks Measure Wine Glass (and not just for me, all my family and friends should have one too!).

What does notonthehighstreet.com mean to you?

I have never had so much fun working at a company, my colleagues are truly amazing and most days it doesn’t feel like work at all.

I love the idea that it’s all about our sellers (the people that otherwise may have to work in boring jobs to make a living despite their fantastic ideas), our great customers, and that we’re here to bring them together in what is hopefully a truly unique experience.

About Newton and the Apple

Based in Nottingham, Newton and The Apple bring together the wonderful worlds of science and nature together to create a magnificent collection of accessories for yourself and the home.

Why does your sound wave print epitomise notonthehighstreet.com for you?

notonthehighstreet.com offers a diverse range of products from small business entrepreneurs, many of which have prior experience working in different fields.

This particular product came as a result of my having worked in auditory science for years. I found the complex details and overall symmetry of a sound wave really interesting and spotted a potential for them to be used in art. Even better, each person’s voice produces a unique sound wave, even when saying the same words! I realised that this could be turned into something very special if given as a gift, or as a momento of a sound that really means something to someone.

For me, notonthehighstreet.com is all about offering to its customers something completely unique that they wouldn’t find in the usual places, as well as plenty of opportunity to stamp their own personal twist on a product to really make it a one-of-kind gift.

What’s your absolute favourite Christmas treat?

Satsumas – Yum! I also heard that they are a Christmas food because Kings of hot countries would give them as gifts to the Queen of England in winter (way back when we couldn’t grow our own, of course).

What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?

New pyjamas! Ever since we were kids our Mum has given us a new pair of pyjamas on Christmas eve. You cannot beat climbing into new PJs, grabbing a hot chocolate, and then watching a good old Christmas film to get you all excited about the next day. I’ll never be too old to enjoy that.

What’s your favourite Christmas song?

The one the muppets sing about the grumpy Mr Scrooge – “Even the vegetables don’t like him!”

And what are you hoping Santa will bring this year?

Can I wish for a dinosaur?! I would love a diplodocus for a pet, mostly because I like saying ‘diplodocus’. Santa is unlikely to give me a dinosaur though, so a ‘Notes on Life’ Journal from Hope House Press is definitely next on my Christmas wish list.

  • Comment by vanessa

    You both look fabulous! I love that print, but then I would expect no less from the lovely peeps over at Newton and the Apple. – vanessa (a fellow NTHS seller)

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