Christmas trend: alternative Christmas trees

Real Christmas trees are great; that fir tree smell instantly conjures up images of a picturesque festive scene, and children (and adults) will love rummaging underneath them to find their presents on Christmas morning. They’re not so great, however, for your hoover. The pine needles get EVERYWHERE. You may as well fill your socks with them the day your decorations go up, as this is inevitably where they’ll end up.

To combat this we’ve put together a collection of our favourite alternative Christmas trees. These are also ideal for people who perhaps don’t have enough space for a big green spruce tree, or just want to try something a little different this year. Some of these alternative trees also multi-task as a form of entertainment for the little ones, a wall decoration and even a stack of treats to indulge in on Christmas day.

Personalised Colour In Christmas Tree Poster by Claire Close

Personalised Colour In Christmas Tree Poster by Claire Close

Decorate It Yourself Christmas Tree Poster by Betsy Benn

Wooden Christmas Tree by timbatree

Christmas Tree Wall Hanging by Betsy Benn

Giant Cardboard Christmas Tree by Letterfest

Tissue Paper Luxe Christmas Tree Decoration by Pearl and Earl

Personalised Christmas Tree Wall Sticker by Spin Collective

Chalkboard Style Self Adhesive Christmas Tree by Oakdene Designs

Antler Christmas Tree Wall Sticker by Oakdene Designs

Stamp Your Own Christmas Tree Baking Kit by StompStamps

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