A Day Out at Windsor Castle

Image: Steve Parsons/PA Wire

A few months ago we announced the very happy news that our founders, Holly Tucker and Sophie Cornish, had been awarded MBEs for services to small business and enterprise. After the initial announcement, Holly and Sophie were invited to spend the day at Windsor Castle to receive their awards. This, as you can imagine, brought about much excitement, not only from Holly and Sophie but from the whole team here; it was unclear whether the Queen herself would be presenting the awards, so when the day arrived we were eagerly awaiting news from the event.

On Friday morning, Holly, Sophie and their respective families travelled to Windsor Castle where the investiture was taking place. They were both extremely excited and nervous, especially once they began chatting to the staff at Windsor who told them – while they were the first arriving – that it was, indeed,  ’the boss’ conducting the ceremony.  They were in the company of many familiar faces, Rob Brydon and Emma Bridgewater to name but a few. The whole event was immaculately organised; the staff were all absolutely charming and made Holly and Sophie feel incredibly welcome.

When standing in line waiting for the ceremony to start, Holly said “looking up at the most incredible portraits of the Queen in the State Rooms, what kept playing on my mind was how much this award would mean to everyone back at notontheighstreet.com HQ. It was very moving (it took a great deal to fight the tears that would cause huge mascara mayhem!), as it was such an honour to pick up something that recognised not only Sophie and I, but the passion the team have shown over the last seven years.

Image: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

Image: Dominic Lipinski/PA Wire

The big moment finally came to meet the Queen. Sophie said “She looked absolutely beautiful, radiant and impeccably dressed. She was friendly and chatted to us both and made the connection that we were together even though we were about 20 places apart in the line. When I was talking about what we do at notonthehighstreet.com she commented “that’s good, because it’s the small businesses who are struggling at the moment”. I was able to say ‘yes, although ours are wonderful and doing brilliantly so we’re very proud of them’.”

The day was topped off by a press photocall, after which Holly and Sophie were able to celebrate their awards with their family and friends. They’d like to give their heartfelt thanks to our amazing sellers for all they’ve done to make this happen, and also to thank the staff at Windsor for such a wonderful day.

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