20 December: Meet Sarah and Rachael

The girls were a little miffed to receive children's t-shirts for Christmas

This is Sarah (left) and Rachael. They’re a bit like our parents, only more fun (sorry Mum). They look after us, decorate the office, plan our parties, bring us wine on Friday afternoons and generally make sure we’re all behaving as we should. They’re holding t-shirts sent to us by Little Chook.

What do you do? Rachael: I’m a bit like Father Christmas; along with my elf-in-chief (Sarah) I make sure the rest of the elves (the team) and the workshop (the office) are running smoothly and that everyone whistles whilst they work.

Favourite Christmas food? Sarah: roast potatoes, pate and smoked salmon (although not together, that would just be wrong). Rachael: that’s like asking a mother which is their favourite child. I love all Christmas food equally.

Favourite Christmas song? Sarah: All I Want For Christmas Is You by Mariah Carey… classic! Rachael: Peace On Earth by the Pogues, or Little Drummer Boy by Bowie and Bing.

Favourite Christmas tradition? Sarah: even though my siblings and I are all in our twenties, my Mum still makes us a stocking each, ready for Christmas morning. At the bottom of the stocking is always an orange, an apple and a penny, although now we’re older, the stocking seems to have shrunk considerably. Rachael: a Snowball for breakfast (the 70s drink, not the white stuff on the ground).

Favourite Christmas film? Sarah: either Love Actually, or Elf. Rachael: White Christmas – “If I wasn’t such a mean old biddy, I’d break right down and cry.”

What do you want for Christmas? Sarah: the Small Bryn Petrol Green Mulberry handbag – hint hint! Rachael: a Rose Gold Cartier LOVE bracelet. I’d take it with or without the diamonds.

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