18th December: Meet Bethan, Tamsin and Louise

Three wise women, bearing gifts

We’re completely delighted by these Delightful Living Personalised Vintage Style Christmas Signs, which are still (at time of writing, anyway) available for Christmas delivery. They’re modelled by our Partner production team, Bethan, Tamsin and Louise.

What do you do? Bethan and Tamsin: We try to make sure that all the pages on the site look great. Louise: After moving on from the wedding department, I’m currently spending time with the lovely Partner production team. Here I’m learning all about what it takes to get new sellers live on the site and making sure every product you see, whether in a catalogue or on the site, is perfect.

Favourite Christmas food? Bethan: Hands down it’s my mum’s Christmas en Croute: chestnuts, mushrooms, grated carrot and cream cheese wrapped in pastry; delicious!

Favourite Christmas song? Louise: Definitely Mariah Carey’s All I Want For Christmas Is You.

Favourite Christmas tradition? Tamsin: It’s all about the food. I get two Christmas lunches; it’s the best part of having a couple of blended families! Bethan: Even though I am the youngest of five, and my eldest siblings are married with their own children, we all still get really excited about everything to do with Christmas. We do it properly; stockings for Father Christmas, a big tree and lights, roaring fires, carols and crackers. I love it!

Favourite Christmas film? Bethan: Love Actually.

What do you hope Santa will bring this year? Tamsin: Snow (but not before I drive to Yorkshire). Bethan: I’m hoping for a Kindle; I’ve been getting a bit slack with keeping up with the office book club so it should get me back on track! Louise: I’d love to find a new handbag under the tree!

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