18 December: Meet Gail, Harriet, Patricia and Goodnight Boutique

It’s day number 18 and we have three times the Christmas cheer today with Gail Caulfield, Harriet Morgan and Patricia Philippi from our Product Management team. They are pictured here with the delightful Personalised Woodland Christmas Print from Goodnight Boutique.

Meet Gail, Harriet and Patricia

This dream team works hard on the notonthehighstreet.com site and the CMS system that our Partners use, keeping both of them ship shape and able to cope with lots of lovely orders throughout the festive season. Thank you ladies!

How will you be celebrating Christmas this year?

Gail: This Christmas will be a year of firsts – the first time my boyfriend and I will have spent Christmas together in six years (woo hoo!), the first Christmas I will be hosting (eek!), and the first Christmas that I won’t be spending with my family (sniff sniff). Given that I’m cooking, it will also probably be the first Christmas we have undercooked turkey, burnt potatoes and lumpy gravy!

Patricia: I’ll be celebrating back home in Germany with my family.

Harriet: I’ll be with my family at home in Leicestershire surrounded by lots and lots of food and maybe just a little bit of wine…

What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?

Gail: I love Christmas breakfast with my family – a big cooked ham, pork pie, delicious chutneys and home-baked bread rolls. Such a good start to Christmas day!

Patricia: Decorating the Christmas tree and eating loads.

Harriet: I love playing board games with my family on Christmas Eve or waking up to treats and carols on Christmas morning. I also have a least favourite – trying to finish off well-intentioned crafty presents at 9pm on Christmas Eve… I do it every year!

Would you rather eat turkey as your only meat option for the rest of your life or never eat meat again?

Gail: Turkey for me.

Patricia: Turkey!

Harriet: Never eat meat again.

Meet Goodnight Boutique

Laura at Goodnight Boutique is inspired by the rural surroundings of her cottage to make all things cute, charming and nostalgic. Her range ‘Great and Small’ is inspired by the British countryside and its wonderful creatures.

How does your Personalised Woodland Christmas Print epitomise notonthehighstreet.com?

This print is a truly unique present; a way of saying something special, a gift that’s brought to life by you, the customer. In short, it sums up all the things that make notonthehighstreet.com wonderful; a unique, special, personal way of shopping. The print features illustrations of British wildlife, hand-drawn in the Cheshire countryside, which links in brilliantly with the strong support notonthehighstreet.com gives to independent British businesses and artists.

What’s your favourite Christmas tradition?

On Christmas Eve I always read Beatrix Potter’s ‘The Tailor Of Gloucester’ and Jill Barklem’s Brambly Hedge ‘Winter Story’ last thing before I go to sleep. The illustrations are so beautiful, the mice are so adorable and I’ve loved the stories ever since I was little.

If Santa could bring you one thing this year what would it be?

David Tennant. And a kitten. Possibly David Tennant holding a kitten.

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