17th December: Meet Joanne

The number of people who want to copy Joanne's hair

Joanne, with her beautifully dip-dyed hair (we’re jealous), is our product development guru, always on the lookout for the latest trends. She’s holding a personalised cushion from Tillyanna.

What do you do? I look at upcoming trends and what’s popular on the site, and use this to help our sellers create and source new and exciting products.

Favourite Christmas food? On Christmas Day my Christmas dessert consists of Christmas pudding, a mince pie, custard, cream and ice cream. Yes in one bowl and all big portions of each. It is delicious!

Favourite Christmas song? Driving Home For Christmas. It always reminds me of a mix CD a friend made for me when I drove home from university for Christmas.

Favourite Christmas tradition? Spending time with my family, eating too much food and falling asleep in front of the TV after Christmas dinner. Every family member does it pretty much at the same time!

Favourite Christmas film? Love Actually, especially the quote in it: “Eight is a lot of legs, David”.

What do you hope Santa will bring you this year? Time with my family and a couple of necklaces: this Cut Glass Cluster Necklace and this Wishbone And Bird Charm Necklace.

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