16th December: Meet Alex, Jon, Gilberto, Dave and Phu

The notonthehighstreet.com glee club started small, but they were dreaming big.

To celebrate the 16th day of Advent, we’ve selected five of our own original pranksters from our technical and product management teams. They’re posing with a bespoke version of I Love Design’s Personalised Address And Name Print.

What do you do? I make sure that any problems that people find with the site are quickly and properly exterminated!

Favourite Christmas food? Gilberto: Panettone with melted chocolate on top (spot the Italian). Alex: Nut roast (sadly veggie choices are often less exciting). Dave: Sprouts. Really over-cooked sprouts.

Favourite Christmas song? Dave: Cruel Moon by Glasvegas. Gilberto: Natale Allo Zenzero by Elio e le Storie Tese (seriously, guess who’s Italian).

Favourite Christmas tradition? Dave: Drinking before breakfast. Alex: Crackers! Gilberto: Well, like most Italians I mostly enjoy the Christmas lunch. Much like the British tradition, it’s an endless, massive feast with all the people you love, all together around the dining table. (Okay, Gilberto, we get it. You’re Italian.)

Favourite Christmas film? Alex: The Great Escape is always on at Christmas, and I love it! Dave: Bad Santa. Gilberto: Bad Santa.

What do you hope Santa will bring you this year? Alex: I’d quite like to get a new wallet, I’ve been using an Oyster card holder for a while now! Gilberto: I’d like a pony. Dave: I’d like a puppy. (Sure, guys. Sure.)

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