15 Reasons We’re Completely in Love with Chicks

We love chicks. They’re fluffy and soft – not to mention adorable. Whilst we’d usually make do with a chenille substitute, this year we’re taking our obsession one step further and getting the real deal. That’s right, eggs that hatch at home.

Our newest Partner, The Happy Hatchery, are granting Easter wishes all across the country with their personalised, fertilised eggs. Lovingly cared for and ready to hatch this Sunday.

Not that anyone needs convincing, but here are 15 reasons why we’re racing to the checkout to order our very own brood of chicks.

1. Fluffy cuddles. On tap.

2. You’ll be able to dress them up in a tiny, tiny top hat.

3. In fact, the miniature outfit choices are endless.

4. One day you could have an endless supply of eggs. Think of the breakfast potential.

5. Did we mention they’re adorable?

6. You’ll literally never be sad again. Who could be sad with a chick on hand to cheer them up?

7. They have an adorable chirp that’ll make you want to cry with happiness every time you hear it.

8. You’ll find you’re suddenly the most popular person in your friendship group.

9. You’ll never tire of their adorable waddle.

10. You’re only a pet duck away from being Joey from Friends.

11. The words ‘soft’ and ‘fuzzy’ don’t even begin to cover it.

12. The Instagram potential is stratospheric.

13. Even though you know they’re going to grow up as chickens, you won’t be able to stop yourself pretending you’re in Fly Away Home.

14. They are literally warming little bundles of joy.

15. Wave goodbye to stress, chicks are basically like free therapy.

To get your own chicks in time for Easter, click here.

Natural performers though our chicks are, you don’t get anywhere in this business without the magic of Photoshop (which helped us stage the top hat and bow tie shots).

We’d also like to thank the wonderful staff at Vauxhall City Farm for allowing us to photograph their three cutest residents, and especially Michelle, their handler, for ensuring the chicks had as much fun as we did.

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