13th December: Meet birthday girl Nicola

Nicola tried to trick us with her 'floating hoop' illusion, and we almost fell for it too...

Nicola, our Creative Production Manager, is not only celebrating day 13 with us today, but also her birthday! You can only imagine how much cake we have in the office. She’s accompanied by a beautiful embroidery hoop artwork by Polkadots and Blooms, based on their Personalised Child’s Embroidered Wall Art.

What do you do? I crack the whip on the creative team, making sure that everyone knows what they need to do and when (and that they don’t have too much fun whilst they’re doing it).

Favourite Christmas food? It’s all about the condiments – horseradish in particular. It goes with everything.

Favourite Christmas song? The Thames Froze by Smith & Burrows. It was released last year and I still can’t believe how little recognition it got at the time.

Favourite Christmas tradition? My Nana has always made me an alternative Christmas pudding in the form of jelly, since I was about five. She still makes it for me, and I still love it.

Favourite Christmas film? I watched ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ for the first time last weekend and it has jumped right up to number one – it was perfect. Just the right mix of ‘A Christmas Carol’ with ‘Back to the Future 2’.

What do you hope Santa will bring you this year? I love this Two Moons Locket Necklace. I read the 1Q84 trilogy recently by my favourite author, Haruki Murakami, and if anyone else has read it too – they’ll understand why!

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