12 December: Meet Ed and Pack & Tickle

Ed has found inner peace, but is it the bonsai or the 'tache?

It’s day 12 – almost half way to Christmas! Today we have our Developer Ed Saunders holding this dinky bonsai tree from Pack & Tickle. Who says all Christmas trees are fir-shaped?!

Meet Ed

Ed will be splitting his time between his partner and parents this Christmas. Christmas Eve is reserved for some quality time with his girlfriend and their pets (a cat, a lovebird, and not one but two snakes!). Come Christmas morning Ed will be at his family home in South East London with his parents and big brother for two full days of food, presents, and good old festive TV!

The highlight of Ed’s Christmas is undoubtedly Christmas dinner. The festive feast kicks off in the late afternoon and lasts through till the end of the evening. First is the starter, then a traditional but enormous roast, followed by Christmas pudding and Ed’s Mum’s signature chocolate log – without which, it wouldn’t be Christmas! All this delicious food will be accompanied by some very tasty wine and followed by some exceptional whiskey. Ed we’re getting hungry already!

Meet Pack & Tickle

Pack & Tickle is an artisan team specialising in stylish gifts and quirky flat packs. These are designed to offer creative enjoyment in their assembly, as well as being beautiful once complete.

The Flat Packed Yew Bonsai Kit is bold, stylish, and like all Pack & Tickle products is made entirely in the UK; so despite its oriental look, it’s rooted firmly in West Sussex. It’s a wonderfully alternative Christmas tree that won’t drop its needles and will definitely fit in your living room, plus it will last year on year!

Pack & Tickle’s Linsay also has an animal contingent joining the Christmas festivities: the dog, who will be dressed up in a range of Christmas outfits throughout the season. Linsay’s favourite Christmas treat is the stockings, which will be opened on Christmas morning following a traditionally celebratory Christmas Eve!

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