10th December: Meet Clare, Lindsay, Harriet, Emma and Leanne

The team were left wondering where their afternoon tea had got to...

We love this Doodle Tablecloth by Doodle by Stitch – it took us about 10 seconds after this photo was taken to start doodling on it. We asked some of our account management team to get together for today’s Advent countdown and share their favourite things about the festive season.

What do you do? We are plate-spinners extraordinaire, working with our sellers in all sorts of things to help them grow their businesses.

Favourite Christmas food? Clare: cheese. Emma: cranberry sauce on everything. Harriet: her mum’s parmesan parsnips. Lindsay and Leanne both asked if mulled wine counts as food…

Favourite Christmas song? Leanne: A Spaceman Came Travelling by Chris De Burgh. Emma: All I Want For Christmas by Mariah Carey. Clare: All I Want For Christmas – the Love Actually version.

Favourite Christmas film? Lindsay: Christmas Vacation – ‘my parents’ house IS the Griswold’s (not a joke!)’. Leanne: The Muppet Christmas Carol. Harriet: Miracle on 34th Street – ‘my dad asked me if he could marry my mum after taking me to see this movie, so it makes me cry every time’.

What do you hope Santa will bring this year? Emma: this Initial Case For iPhone. Clare: a white Christmas and maybe a new phone; Harriet: ‘I really love these Personalised Silver Plated Spoons‘. Lindsay: ‘snow!’.

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