This year, we’re putting our foot down and saying no to boring baubles. We are well and truly shaking up tradition and turning ‘festive’ on its head – and that means no tinsel.

We want ‘samey’ Christmases to be a thing of the past, so forget the usual decorations and refresh your tree with something a little less ordinary.

We’ve put together some festive ideas that you won’t have seen before…

3D Personalised Name Bauble by CLOUDS AND CURRENTS
Message In A Bottle Christmas Tree Decoration by LITTLE WHITE DOG
Mini Kiko Frames by NKUKU
Origami Paper Star Decoration by DEJA OOH
Party Dog Christmas Decoration by HORSFALL & WRIGHT
Personalised Family Christmas Decoration by EDAMAY
Personalised Metallic Ceramic Bauble by TWENTY-SEVEN
Personalised Gingerbread Decorations by HONEYWELL BAKES
Personalised Rocking Horse Decoration by WOODEN TOY GALLERY
Personalised Photograph Wooden Decoration by CLARA AND MACY

For more Christmas Tree Decorations, visit our Christmas department now.


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