10 best Valentine’s Day gifts under £25

You could get flowers, but then you always buy flowers. Chocolates are an option, but you’ll only end up eating them yourself. How about you get something unique, original and even personalised to show just how well you know your other half? Yep, we like that idea too.

We’ve pulled together a collection of our top 10 Valentine’s Day gifts under £25, all from our community of small business sellers.

Personalised woodcut print by Letterfest – £22

No need to spend hours etching your other half’s initials into an oak tree? This print takes inspiration from that, but allows you to proclaim your love without the manual labour. A great gift idea for traditional romantics.

Printed Instagram photo block desk frame by Blighty Books – £14

Are you a fan of Instagram? Well, we are (you can follow us here), and these personalised photo blocks allow you to turn your favourite Insta-snaps into sentimental keepsakes. We’d suggest choosing pictures of you and your partner, rather than selfies taken in front of the bathroom mirror.


Personalised Collar Stiffeners by Highland Angel – £24

If your significant other is a dapper chap, we recommend some personalised collar stiffeners. The nice thing about these stiffeners is that, being under the collar, only the wearer will know they’re personalised. So you can be as lovey-dovey as you like with minimal embarrassment. A nice idea for someone who’s not big on public displays of affection.

Personalised Never Forget Wooden Keyring by Made Lovingly Made – from £13

This personalised keyring is genius. Commemorate a memorable date and have your personal message engraved into the walnut wood. Not only will you score points for sentimentality, but it also means you’re far more likely to get a present on your next anniversary. Everyone’s a winner.

Personalised ‘I promise’ cards by I Promise – £9.50

The nice thing about these ‘I promise’ cards is that it’s not just a one-off present; it’s the start of a new tradition that you can continue for months, or even years to come. You can chose from either a red or blue set that comes with your promises already printed on the luxury felt card.

Wooden Heart Jigsaw Puzzle by Luckies – £9.95

As the giver of this wooden heart-shaped puzzle, you build the jigsaw, turn it over and write a special message on the rear. Once the message is penned, the jigsaw is broken up and returned to its box to be presented to the recipient. They are then tasked with rebuilding the jigsaw, completing it with the central heart shaped piece, and turning it over to read the message written especially for them. A lovely romantic gesture that should keep them entertained for a while, too.


World’s Hottest Chilli Powders In A Matchbox by Marvling Bros Ltd. – £5

This gift isn’t for the faint-hearted. In fact, it’s more suited to the iron-tongued. This matchbox contains some of the hottest chilli powders ever tested, including current world champion Scorpion Moruga, which is measured at 2,000,000 SHU (Scoville heat units – we didn’t know what that was, either). Each one is beautifully presented in a corked glass bottle. If they’re spice-lovers, this is the ultimate challenge.

Champagne and strawberries marshmallows by Cloud Nine Marshmallows

We know we said no chocolate, but THESE… these are special. These are Champagne and strawberry-infused marshmallows covered in rich dark chocolate. And they’re heart-shaped. Drooling yet?

‘You are my favourite’ card by Lucy Says I Do

If you’re not quite at a gift-giving point of your relationship, make a nice gesture with a special card. This one is short, sweet and slush-free.

I Love You To Pieces Valentine’s Day Card by Clouds and Currents – £10

If you’re got a special someone in your life but you’ve agreed not to spend a lot for Valentine’s Day, this card could be the happy medium between buying a present and a card. Declare your feelings with a bold, personalised message in a typographic font, with detachable wooden magnets that can be removed for display wherever you wish. Each puzzle piece can be fully personalised with a name or phrase of your choice.

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